silenciar el vacio

Silenciar el vacío, fotografía impresa en papel Hahnemühle, 60×90 cm, 2017.

work in progress

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Reminiscence is a work in progress project about the affective memory, that is to say, body’s capacity to storage memories attached at emotions. I mainly focus in two points: first, in how we remember and how we perceive those memories, specifically in memories attached to a wound. What’s the roll of the conscious and unconscious in this? Second, in developing a language that could talk directly with the unconscious, therefore, the project is not a storytelling about my traumas or neurosis, but a collage of symbols, impressions, sensations, that to my understanding is how body register affective experiences.

Using performance and poetry I want to build an evocative experience for the audience. Moreover, by working with a small format and allowing the public to explore the work by touching it, I intend to establish a relationship of intimacy between the public and the artwork. In this approach, I seek to awaken in the spectator an unconscious empathy, a bond with his own affective memory, a bond with the small things that connect as all as humans

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