Arquitectura Corporal IV

«Body Architectures» is a 3 year project, composed of 5 series respectively. «Body Architectures» is born from a concern for the body. It presents questions and reflections on identity, on the meaning that society gives to my body, on what it means to have and to be, at the same time, a body. As Judtih Bulter explains «the body appears as a passive medium on which cultural meanings are inscribed». In this sense, it is recognized that the processes of incorporation fostered by culture shape the subjects of society, with the body becoming a symbolic construction. This project is consolidated as an investigation that metaphorically works the construction of the normative body from the construction of objects-prosthesis and the explorations that arise between body and object, with the purpose of developing diverse narratives that question the socio-cultural models of codification of the present. In this construction/exploration process, the body is constituted as a narrative space. The methodology itself becomes research, since multiple readings or narratives can be generated from the same object.


Exposición Individual, Arquitecturas Corporales, CC Aravaca, 2016.



Puertas Abiertas en Fundación Bilbao Arte


Puertas Abiertas en Fundación Bilbao Arte



Pensando en Penélope2015, fotografía a color impresa sobre papel papel Museo Baryta Satin Photo de 310 gr, 100x140cm.


Pensando en Penélope, 2015, vídeo-performance, 9’19». (Este vídeo está pensado para reproducirse en modo loop en una Instalación)

Arquitectura Corporal IV

Arquitectura Corporal IV, 2015, fotografía a color impresa sobre papel papel Museo Baryta Satin Photo de 310 gr, 60x90cm.

Arquitectura corporal IV2015, madera, cordón de cuero.

Boceto inicial

Este proyecto se ha realizado con la Beca de Producción otorgada por la Fundación BilbaoArte.

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